Winter fishing on the lakes of tundra (delyanka)


For those who love winter fishing we organize a trip to the lakes of the tundra, located about 100 km from the “OLENYA” camp. The duration of such tours is from 3 days. You can get to the place by snowmobile. If you have the skills of driving a snowmobile, guests can drive it independently, if any, then with an attendant. Travel time, approximately, 3 hours.

Upon arrival at the place, guests will find a cozy, warm, comfortable house (deli), in which they will live. Despite the distance from the “civilization”, our guests do not experience any inconvenience, as the house has everything you need to live (heating, water, light). Next to the house is a bathhouse, organized three meals a day.

On arrival quests will be able to enjoy the beauty of the wild tundra and fish (sig, kumja, nalim, perch, pike, harius). All necessary equipment will be provided.



Winter hunting

In addition to the main program of the fishing day, we also offer guests to go hunting. You can hunt a partridge, a grouse, a goose.

Guns and ammunition will be provided.

Throughout the hunting guests are accompanied by a professional ranger.

The cost of hunting is $300 per person per day.



The price of a fishing day


The cost of one fishing day is $ 700 per person and includes:

  • – Accommodation;
  • – Three meals a day;
  • – Sauna;
  • – Fishing (fishing gear, guide services, gas trucks, snowmobile rental).