Winter fishing in the Kola North

Winter fishing on the Kola Peninsula


The OLENYA Fishing Base invites you to an exclusive winter fishing trip!

Winter fishing on the Kola Peninsula is one of the most entertaining and relaxing types of northern recreation.

The tourist base organizes winter fishing in the Murmansk region on the picturesque lakes in the area of the River Kitz, at the source of the Teriberka River, on the Bear River. Kumja, nalim, whitefish, perch and pike during winter fishing can be your catch.

Fishing places change daily. Our section of the Kola River is carefully guarded and there are no other fishermen on it.

The fishing process requires the availability of certain equipment and gear. Our tourist base provides all the necessary fishing supplies, without which you can not do fishing in winter and just necessary for a good bite, including: fishing gear, fertilization, equipment for fishing in winter and other fishing equipment.

Be sure, a good rest, a good catch, calmness and peace of mind from you will not go anywhere.



Fishing tour program


Winter fishing tours are organized from mid-December to early May.

Arrival day:

  • – Meeting at the airport or train station
  • – Transfer Murmansk – “OLENYA” base, accommodation at the base, dinner, bath.

Fishing days:

  • – Breakfast
  • – Gatherings and departures to the fishing site
  • – Fishing
  • – Lunch in nature
  • – Fishing
  • – Dinner at the base

Departure day:

  • – Breakfast
  • – Fees
  • – Transfer base “OLENYA” – Murmansk.



Prices for fishing tours


The cost of organizing tours – from 12,000 rubles, is calculated based on your wishes and preferences, the duration of the tour, the number of people staying and other conditions.

Departure is organized on snowmobiles with sleds, groups of eight people.

All the necessary equipment will be provided, up to the preparation of holes by our staff, and guests can borrow warm clothes.



Conditions of stay and accommodation on a fishing base


The OLENYA Fishing Base is able to receive up to 32 guests at a time. Separate double rooms are available in 30 square meres of cottages. All amenities are located inside the cottage: shower, toilet, warm floor, satellite TV, fireplace, everything you need to relax after a busy day on fishing.

On the base there is a Russian bath, equipped to modern standards.

All guests are provided with a full three meals a day in our restaurant of the highest class. Hot lunch is delivered directly to the fishing spot.

The territory of the fishing base is protected, there is a convenient parking for personal transport.

Sustainable mobile communication on the territory of the base and in all fishing spots will make the rest comfortable and calm.

The location of the base and fishing sites provides easy accessibility by land transport, without the use of helicopters. This means the days of arrival, departure, start and end of fishing will not depend on helicopter companies and weather conditions. Transfer to the fishing base and back from the airport or railway station in Murmansk is included in the cost of a fishing tour.



Base in winter