Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in the north of Kola Summer fishing tours on the Kola Peninsula


The “OLENYA” fishing base invites you to exclusive fishing for salmon!

Summer fishing on the Kola Peninsula is one of the most entertaining and relaxing types of northern recreation.

The uniqueness of semuic fishing on the Kola River near Murmansk has been known to all fans of fly fishing. Every year guests of the tourist base catch salmon weighing more than 20 kilograms, and the amount of fish entering the river will allow you to enjoy the catch many times during the fishing day!

The Camp is located on the Kola River, which is one of the top three rivers in the northern region in terms of the number of incoming salmon and differs favorably from other rivers by conditions, convenience and size of fish caught.

Fishing places change daily. Our section of the Kola River is carefully guarded and there are no foreign fishermen on it.

The fishing process requires the availability of certain equipment and gear. Our tourist base provides all the necessary fishing supplies, without which you can not do fishing in the summer and just necessary for a good bite, including fishing gear, fertilization, equipment for fishing in the summer and other fishing equipment.

Be sure, a good rest, a good catch, calmness and peace of mind from you will not go anywhere.



Fishing tour program


Summer tours: June 1 to September 15!

Salmon fishing takes place on a special stretch of 28 kilometers. The section of the river, fixed to the “OLENYA” camp, is divided into 8 pools equipped for fishing both from the shore and from the boat. The fishing area is guarded, so you can be sure that during fishing you will not be disturbed by other fishermen.

In the river Kola, in addition to salmon you can catch a kumja, often comes across a large whitefish. We have the opportunity to fish on the rivers Kitsa and Bear.

If necessary, you will receive daily recommendations from guides for the selection of gear and flies, depending on weather conditions and pools.

For foreign guests who do not speak Russian, we can provide an English speaking guide.



Typical daily routine in the tour program


7:30 Wake up

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Departure to the river

9:15 Fishing. Rafting on the river on a rubber (safe) boat

14:00 Lunch on the river (hot soup, poultry, sandwiches, tea, coffee)

18:00 End of fishing

18:30 Arrival at the camp

19:00 Bath

20:30 Dinner



Prices for fishing tours



The cost of the tour is calculated individually, depending on your preferences and wishes, the number of people, the duration of the fishing tour.

The average price of a week’s tour ranges from 240,000 to 450,000 rubles, including transfers and other expenses.




Conditions of stay and accommodation on a fishing base


The OLENYA Fishing Base is able to receive up to 32 guests at a time. Separate double rooms are available in cozy cottages with an area of 30 square meters. All amenities are located inside the cottage: shower, toilet, warm floor, satellite TV, fireplace and everything you need to relax after a busy day of fishing.

On the base there is a Russian bath, equipped to modern standards.

All guests are provided with a full three meals a day in our restaurant of the highest class. Hot lunch is delivered directly to the fishing spot.

The Internet and quality communication will make you feel comfortable throughout the fishing tour.

The territory of the fishing base is protected, there is a convenient parking for personal transport.

The location of the base and fishing sites provides easy accessibility by land transport, without the use of helicopters. This means the days of arrival, departure, start and end of fishing will not depend on helicopter companies and weather conditions. Transfer to the fishing base and back from the airport or railway station in Murmansk is included in the cost of a fishing tour.



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