Tours of the Kola Peninsula (Northern Tours)

Northern lights (Aurora) hunting


Observe one of the most beautiful natural phenomena of the north – the Northern Lights (Aurora)!

You can see it on the Kola Peninsula because it is known as the best place in Russia to see the Northern Lights (Aurora)!

The tour will take place during a snowmobile ride with a sleigh on the lake.



Husky Park


You will ride on sleds in the most beautiful places of the Kola Peninsula: on the snow-white tundra, in forests and in the middle of the Khibiny Mountains. Communicating with dogs will give unforgettable emotions to both adults and children!

  • – Getting to know husky dogs, photo shoot,
  • – Riding in the northern tundra in a sled,
  • – The ability to self-manage a dog sled,
  • – The price includes a light lunch: salmon ear, hot tea, pie,
  • – Return to the camp.



A Murmansk tour


Murmansk is a unique city you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And not just because this city is the largest outside the Arctic Circle. You will be able to touch the heroic history. You will feel how the harsh everyday life of the Far North is intertwined with the tremulous souls of its inhabitants. It is hard to imagine that only a century ago there was nothing here.

The tour of Murmansk includes:

  • – The ALESHA Defenders Monument”;
  • – The Waiting Monument in honor of women waiting for their husbands from long-distance voyages,
  • – The *LENIN* Icebreaker with a tour group (ticket is included),
  • – Return to the camp.



Sami villadge


Excursion to the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula! Here you will meet reindeer, hear original stories and try the real northern treats! Immersion in the atmosphere of the indigenous people of the North is guaranteed.

  • – Introduction to the village (plagues, kuwaks, veja – national buildings),
  • – A brief safety rules,
  • – Idols-dolls (preferably to have some cash for making wishes),
  • – Animal world: rabbits, foxes, foxes, hawk, raccoon, husky, elk, deer (you can feed, pet, take pictures),
  • – Sami games,
  • – Riding a reindeer sled,
  • – Food (ear of salmon, lovozer bread, tea, pakuda – national drink),
  • – Dressing up in national clothes,
  • – Buying magic amulets and souvenirs,
  • – Return to the camp.