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Kola Fishing, Fishing on Kola PeninsulaKola Fishing, Fishing on Kola PeninsulaKola Fishing, Fishing on Kola Peninsula

Fishing and recreation in the Murmansk region

Exclusive fishing tours

Kola Peninsula is considered to be truly one of the best places for fishing, not only in Russia but also worldwide. A huge number of rivers and lakes in our region are rich in dozens of fish species. Here you will find a unique opportunity to catch large specimens of Atlantic salmon. Thus, in particular, on the shores of the Kola River, where our fishing - tourist base is located, salmon weighing more than 20 kg is a usual catch during the year.Furthermore, the Kola river is one of the three rivers which are leaders of the Kola Peninsula on the quantity of the salmon entering it.We are glad to invite you to salmon fishing in summer and lake fishing in winter. Large, comfortable and equipped fishing camp with convenient facilities is always ready for guests all year round.

Relaxing holidays and bright experiences

In addition to exciting fishing tours, our fishing - tourist base are welcome for guests who want to spend time as close as possible to nature without losing the everyday comfort. Tourist camp "Oleniya" is located on the banks of the river in an amazing pine forest just thirty minutes driving away from Murmansk.Full meals 3 times a day in our restaurant of the highest class are provided for all our guests. Fans of active winter recreation are welcome to visit snowmobile park and ski trail.Our tourist base is equipped with covered gazebos and barbecue areas; special hall for public events and holidays is also available.To sum up there is everything at our tourist base to make your weekends and holidays bright and amazing, joyful and unforgettable.